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Beginners Class at Cataclysm Games


Image of Beginners Class at Cataclysm Games

A one day beginner course at Cataclysm Games in the Chicagoland area

Join us as we learn foundational techniques and improve your miniature painting.

What students will receive:
-An informational handout outlining techniques studied
-A specific brush used by Sam Lenz
-One Space Marine Reaver model, think of this as your action packed canvas
-In person feedback and instruction from a very experienced individual
-Some free gifts in the form of stickers and such

What students should bring:
-A wet pallet
-A lamp
-Their preferred set of brushes
-A variety of paints, you will be free to choose your own scheme based on the lessons learned. Bring the rainbow and some brown tones as well as black and white. Take some colors you find appealing and let them guide you
-A thinking cap and learning pants

The cost is $150 based on the priceof renting the space and Sam's travel cost.

Class starts at 10am.

Feel free to follow the Fantasy Art of Sam Lenz on facebook for any questions and information you may have.